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Where is Banco BBVA Argentina headquartered?

BBVA Argentina is headquartered in Av. Córdoba 111 (C1054AAA) Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When is BBVA Argentina fiscal year end?

The Company’s fiscal year end is December 31.

How many types of shares does BBVA Argentina have?

Our capital is formed by a single class of shares, all of which are ordinary shares and have the same voting and economic rights. Shareholders participate in the distribution of dividends pro rata of the paid-in capital. Furthermore, shareholders are entitled to participate in the distribution resulting from the liquidation of BBVA Argentina in proportion to the paid-in capital

Where are BBVA Argentina shares traded?

BBVA Argentina ordinary shares are traded at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BYMA) and ADSs (American Depositary Shares) are traded at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), both by the ticker BBAR.

How many BBVA Argentina ordinary shares does an ADS represent?

1 (one) BBVA Argentina ADS represents 3 (three) ordinary shares.

How many shares of stock are outstanding?

BBVA Argentina has 612.7 million outstanding ordinary shares.

Where do I find information about dividend payments?

Dividend payments are filed to the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV) and to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Information about this can also be found in the Annual 20-F filing and Annual Report.

Where can I find out about historic dividend payments?

Please refer to the Dividends section for details of historic dividends.

Has BBVA Argentina issued Corporate Bonds?

All information regarding corporates bond issuances can be found on the Corporate Bonds section.

With what frequency does BBVA Argentina present Financial Statements?

Financial Statements are presented quarterly.

Where are BBVA Argentina Financial Statements presented?

Financial Statements are published at the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They can be found in either website or in our Investor Relations website in the Financials section.

Who are the analysts that cover BBVA Argentina?

Analysts covering BBVA Argentina are listed in the Analyst Coverage section.

Who is BBVA Argentina’s external auditor?

Since March 2017, KPMG has acted as the Bank’s external auditor. The firm KPMG has its domicile at Bouchard 710, 1st floor (C1106ABL), City of Buenos Aires, Argentina and is registered with the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, under Volume 2, Page 6.

How do I take notice on the Shareholders’ Meeting agenda?

The Shareholders’ Meeting agenda is filed to de CNV and SEC in order to inform shareholders on the matters to be treated in the Shareholders’ Meeting. You can find this on the CNV and SEC websites, as well as in the CNV Filings and SEC Filings sections in the BBVA Argentina Investor Relations website.

How do I reach Investor Relations in BBVA Argentina?