Our Aspiration

BBVA’s value proposition is built on the foundations of customer experience and trust.

  • Helping customers to make the best financial decisions (in banking and other areas) via a clear, simple and transparent range of products and services, grounded on fair conditions and the principles of prudence and integrity in order to gain their trust.
  • With an easy and convenient value proposition, ensuring that services are accessible anytime, anywhere, and by the means of the customer’s choosing, providing options to engage with the bank automatically, via digital channels, or via human interaction.
  • Supporting customers as they manage their finances daily, by proactively offering innovative and customized services, as well as recommending the best financial options to suit their needs.


We aim to help our customers to achieve their life goals. More than a bank, we want to be an engine of opportunities, and to have a true impact on people’s lives and businesses.

Strategic Priorities

BBVA has defined six strategic priorities aligned with its purpose, with a special focus on digitization and customer experience, the cornerstone of its strategic plans in all the Group’s regions and areas.

1. New standard in customer experience

The focus of the BBVA Group is to offer the best customer experience, distinguished by its simplicity, transparency and speed, to increase customers’ empowerment and offer them personalized advice. Its customer-centric business model offers a differential service with a very ambitious goal: to be leaders in customer satisfaction in all the areas where it operates.

2. Digital sales

For BBVA it is essential to promote digitization for its transformation and to reinforce the business on the digital channels. It is developing a digital offering of products and services so customers can use the channel they find most convenient.

3. New business models

New Digital Businesses (NDB) is the BBVA business unit in charged of taking an active role in the digital disruption of the financial industry and reinventing BBVA from the outside by seeking out new digital business models for the Bank, leveraging fintech ecosystem.

4. Optimize capital allocation

The aim of this priority is to improve the profitability and sustainability of the business, and to simplify and focus it on the most important activities.

5. Unrivaled efficiency

In an environment of lower profitability for the financial industry, efficiency becomes an essential priority in BBVA’s transformation plan. This priority involves building a new model of organization which is as agile, simple and automated as possible. All this without losing sight of offering the best customer experience.

6. A first class workforce

BBVA’s priority is to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best team, by providing them with an excellent employee experience and evolving the corporate culture to align it with the Group’s transformation process and its Proposition.

Our Values

Updated September 17, 2019