2019Trademark change to BBVA.
2017The bank transformation process begins, focusing on the client and the technological development to become the first "Digital Bank".
2016Moved the Argentine headquarters to the new BBVA Tower in which the bank's work methodology and culture changes.
2013BBVA Francés and Consultatio reach an agreement whereby the Bank will acquire 23 of the 33 floors of a building to be built by Consultatio, which is where the "BBVA Tower" operates today.
2012BBVA becomes sponsor of the two most important football teams in Argentina.
2011BBVA Francés and Consolidar Comercializadora S.A. merge, and as a result, BBVA Francés increases its equity in 516.444 ordinary shares.
BBVA Banco Francés is appointed as one of the organisers for the sovereign debt swap program in the Argentine market, achieving a share of 76,15%, practically overcoming the debt default and leading Argentina back to the international financial markets.
2003The Bank acquires 50% of PSA Finance’s shares.
2000Banco Francés is now called BBVA Banco Francés. Rombo Compañía Financiera is registered as a subsidiary.
1998The Bank is now called Banco Francés S.A.
1997Banco Francés and Banco de Crédito Argentino merge and so, the Bank takes control of Grupo Consolidar.
1996Grupo BBVA becomes the controlling shareholder of Banco Francés.
1993The Bank begins trading at the New York Stock Exchange.
1991The Bank acquires Banco Santander and Chase Manhattan Bank branches, completing a network of 62 offices and covering the whole Argentine territory.
1990Incorporation of investment banking, capital markets and international banking businesses.
1980Customer base expansion adding small and medium-sized companies and individuals, along with an increase in the number of branches.
1968The Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York purchases 50% of shares and begins a process of strengthening and expansion of Banco Francés in the wholesale segment.
1966Banco Francés Río de La Plata foundation is created.
1965Authorization received from the BCRA to start operations in the mortgage sector.
1926Inauguration of the new headquarters at the corner of Perón and Reconquista streets.
1888The Bank becomes one of the first companies to be listed in the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.
1886Banco Francés del Río de la Plata is established.
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