About BBVA Argentina

BBVA Argentina is a subsidiary of the BBVA Group, the principal shareholder since 1996. In Argentina, it is one of the leading private financial institutions since 1886. Nationwide, BBVA Argentina offers retail and corporate banking to a broad customer base, including: individuals, SME’s, and large-sized companies.

BBVA Argentina’s purpose is to bring the age of opportunities to everyone, based on our customers’ real needs, providing the best solutions, and helping them make the best financial decisions, through an easy and convenient experience. The institution rests in solid values: “Customer comes first, we think big and we are one team”. At the same time, its responsible banking model, aspires to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Business Lines


Retail banking

BBVA Argentina offers financial services to individuals across all income segments. Our main retail banking products include checking and savings accounts, time deposits, credit cards, personal and auto loans, mortgages, insurance and investment products. Our products and distribution channels are designed to attract customers across all segments.

Our retail banking strategy is focused on growing our client base, expanding our product offering and services, particularly in underdeveloped products such as mortgages and in products where we see potential to increase our market share such as personal loans, and leveraging our technological platform to enhance our clients’ banking experience.


Small and medium-sized companies

BBVA Argentina also offers financial services primarily to local private-sector companies. Our main middle market products include financing products, factoring, checking accounts, time deposits, transactional and payroll services, insurance and investment products. We believe that small and medium-sized companies are a key element for economic growth in Argentina, and we are focused on expanding the number of clients we serve, and on being a strategic ally to our middle market clients, supporting them with tailored products and transactional solutions, as well as with differentiated customer support through our entire branch network.


Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB)

Through which we offer financial services to some of the largest Argentine corporations and multinational companies operating in Argentina. In addition to the products we offer to our middle market company clients, we provide our corporate and investment banking clients with global transaction services, global markets solutions such as risk management and securities brokerage, long term financing products including project finance and syndicated loans, and corporate finance services including mergers and acquisitions and capital markets advisory services. Within our corporate and investment banking business line, we are focused on leveraging the deep expertise of our industry-focused relationship executives, supported by the BBVA Group’s global network, to continue to provide bespoke global financial solutions to our corporate client base. We are focused on being a trusted partner for our corporate clients as they seek to finance investment opportunities.

Updated March 19, 2020